2019 End of Financial Year Appeal

As the dust settles on the 2019 Federal Election, we take stock of where we are now, and where we'd like to be in three years time. One thing is evident. We must continue our work to hold the government to account. We must continue to campaign on the issues that women have told us are important to them. We must continue to seek a more just and equitable Australia for women. 

As Natasha Stott-Despoja said at a celebration of Australian federation and democracy: "You will find you cannot creep the chasm; you must leap it."

WEL's Federal Election Scorecard and policy document show that we still have a long way to go on all twelve of our priorities to reduce the disadvantages women experience in Australia today.

We have a bold action plan, but we need your help to fund it.

WEL's priority areas in the next three years are:

- Eliminating violence against women and girls

- Women's health and reproductive rights, focusing on decriminalising abortion in NSW

- Homelessness + Affordable housing, including housing for women fleeing domestic violence

- Voter education sessions 

- Increasing women's representation in decision making roles 

With your financial support we can raise women's experiences of family violence with politicians and demand decent funding for women and children's emergency services. We will hold voter education sessions for women to increase their confidence to contact and meet with their local MPs.  We will call out the erosion of services that women in rural and urban areas rely on - maternity care, mental health and paediatric specialists, schools, TAFE, and affordable housing.

Driving change doesn't just happen. It is a fight that takes persistence and resources.

Will you help us fund WEL's campaigns to control our own bodies, promote policy that supports affordable housing options, keep women and girls safe from family violence, and shatter barriers keeping women from leadership positions?

We are beneficiaries of the hard fought wins of others. Suffragettes, trailblazers, advocates and office bearers have fought for advances in our rights. We too must stand for progress in our time and for the next generation. 

"When I think of myself as a Pakistani woman, I feel alone, I feel different. If I think of myself as a woman, part of 51% of the population in Australia, then I feel stronger, part of something bigger."

- Participant at WEL Making women count voter education session, April 2019. 

When women stand together, we can create a better world; for ourselves, the people we care about and future generations. Any donation to WEL, of any size, is a step towards gender equality. 

Please note: to make a tax deductible donation to WEL, you can contribute via the National Foundation of Australian Women (NFAW) by clicking HERE. Select Women’s Electoral Lobby (Australia) or Women’s Electoral Lobby (NSW) from the ‘supported organisation’ drop down list under ‘Make a donation.


For nearly 50 years, WEL's members and supporters have passionately and generously ensured the future of our organisation. Now is the time to continue that legacy - with a gift to WEL today.