Strengthening Women’s Representation and Voting Power

WEL is dedicated to creating a society where women’s participation and their ability to fulfil their potential are unrestricted, acknowledged and respected and where women and men share equally in society’s responsibilities and rewards.

To achieve these aims it is imperative that women’s representation in all federal and state parliaments reaches 50% as soon as possible.

WEL supports the adoption of a quota system by all political parties to achieve equal gender representation as the only proven way to ensure women’s voices are heard and included. Tangible support needs to be in place to encourage greater female membership in political parties
and to mentor women to nominate as candidates.

Providing a safe and respectful work environment in parliamentary workplaces is also critical for actively encouraging women to participate in political life. WEL calls on all political parties to commit to implementing the 28 recommendations of Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate
Jenkins’ November 2021 report Set the Standards which aims to ensure that the Federal Parliament performs in line with standards in other workplaces.

In virtually all sectors of the paid workforce, women are under-represented in leadership positions. This is particularly true in corporate Australia. We call on the federal and state governments, publicly listed boards and other large employers to commit to 50% female representation within 3 years and to be subjected to legislated targets if this is not achieved.

WEL is advocating for specific ways to strengthen women’s representation.

See WEL’s Federal Election Policy Platform here.