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The Women's Electoral Lobby is dedicated to creating a society where women’s participation and their ability to fulfil their potential are unrestricted, acknowledged and respected and where women and men share equally in society’s responsibilities and rewards. Over the past four decades, the Women’s Electoral Lobby has been a force to be reckoned with in Australian politics and we intend to remain so for many years to come.


We’ve been instrumental in the introduction of equal pay legislation; the drafting and implementation of state anti-discrimination and federal sex discrimination legislation; and rape law reform.

Despite these significant wins, there is still work to do. If you would like to be involved in changing Australian women’s lives for the better (and creating a bit of history) join us!


In this term of Government, the Women's Electoral Lobby will keep demanding reforms that ensure financial security for women. We'll be continuing our advocacy and lobbying the Government to commit to funding the Women and Children's Safety Program. We're continuing our fight for women's reproductive rights - for every women's right to choose. We’re holding parties and politicians to their pre-election promises and continuing to examine how their policies really support women. We’re committed to doing all we can to make our Australian society a place where women are respected and their abilities are prized.


We are always on the look out for passionate feminists to join us. Now is a great time to show your commitment to our work by becoming a member of WEL. Learn more about volunteering with WEL or stay up to date by signing up to our enews. 


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