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WCSP Campaign Update


Welcome to the Women's Electoral Lobby. For information about WEL's Federal Election Campaign visit this page.

Campaign Update

The Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL) is pleased that the four major parties have advised they will commit to extra funding of frontline services, including women’s refuges. WEL wrote to each of the party leaders asking them to commit $1billion over 5 years ($200m p.a.) to WEL’s Women and Children’s Safety Program (WCSP), to provide women’s refuges and other front line emergency services for women and their children escaping violence.

WEL is pleased that the parties have made domestic violence a key issue in this federal election campaign as continuing funding for frontline services will save lives but is disappointed that none of the parties has specifically endorsed WCSP. Only the Australian Greens have promised to spend an even greater amount than proposed by WCSP, but WEL does welcome the following commitments:

'The Coalition will make further announcements about specific funding for domestic violence initiatives, including frontline services, before the election.' Tony Nutt, National Campaign Director, The Turnbull Coalition Team

Labor’s new Safe Housing For Women Program 'will increase the number of refuges specifically available to women and children fleeing domestic violence and will provide funding for support services that help women to stay safe in their own homes, as well as support specialist women’s services'. ALP Information Services Unit, Labor

'…The Greens have committed to new 10 year $5billion National Partnership Agreement  on Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women  to fund such services as  crisis  phone services, women’s shelters, training for service providers, counselling..' Senator Larissa Walters, Australian Greens Senator for Queensland and spokesperson for Women

"The Nick Xenophon Team wants to make sure there is adequate funding for women's refuges and other front line services for women and children escaping domestic and family violence, whatever the cost of that is". Senator Nick Xenophon, Nick  Xenophon Team (NXT)


Assessment of Parties' responses to WEL's WCSP

*WEL will have discussions with Nick Xenophon Team after the elections in relation to what priority NXT will give to funding the Women and Children’s Services Program.


WEL Latest Media Release

Here's WEL's latest media release with an update on the campaign.


Responses received from the political parties:


Women's policies released to date by the parties:  



How you can help

WEL CALLS ON YOU to send a message to the PM, Senator Michaelia Cash and your local member to fund women’s refuges.

Email: Malcolm Turnbull - OR


If you have not already, please Take the Pledge and urge the party leaders to agree to spend just 2 cents a day to fund WCSP.  Please ask your members, your friends and everyone you know to join in this vital life-saving campaign.

#My2centsworth campaign will continue until the funding is firmly committed by the incoming government.

Please make a pledge video and share it on Facebook.

Send messages of appreciation to political leaders whose responses you are happy with.


Here are some actions you can take to help spread the word and put pressure on politicians: 

Make a 2 Cents Pledge video:

Make a video on your mobile device and upload it to social media using the #my2centsworth hashtag. 

Suggested script-

"I'm taking the pledge. To keep women and children safe, I want the government to pay my 2 cents a day."

Tips: Make sure your camera operator (person holding the mobile device) is close enough so that your face is well placed in the frame and the audio can be picked up clearly.


Like our Facebook page. Share our videos and other posts.

Tweet the leaders: Thank them for their promises and ask them to do better using the hashtag #my2centsworth and mention @welaust

2 cents/day to fund WEL’s WCSP refuges & emerg. svs for women & children escaping #dv #my2centsworth

Malcolm Turnbull (@TurnbullMalcolm)

Bill Shorten (@billshortenmp)

Richard Di Natale (@RichardDiNatale)

Nick Xenophon (@Nick_Xenophon)


Email the leaders:

Dear …….,

Please commit to funding WEL’s Women and Children's Safety Program. I want the government to spend my 2 cents a day to keep women and their children safe.

Malcolm Turnbull -

Bill Shorten -

Richard Di Natale -

Nick Xenophon -

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