Kay Anastassiadis
Member, SA, National Coordinating Committee

I worked in the State public health sector for over 40 years in the areas of nursing, policy and legislation.  In my role as a public servant, I supported and facilitated SA consultations on the first National Women's Health Policy and Strategy, worked on the implementation of the policy and strategy in SA, including wider birthing service options, the implementation of the national program for the elimination of FGM as well as other key areas of women's health, mental health, multicultural health, among others. 

With growing social, political and economic inequality in Australia and internationally, I am concerned about the fact that we have failed to effectively address problematic issues that continue to adversely affect women's lives, their wellbeing and social status such as domestic and family violence, access to affordable and acceptable housing, the continuing responsibility for the care of others, access to affordable childcare, income inequality, the capacity to choose to become a mother and be a parent in a society that does not see reproduction as a social benefit and necessity. 

I am a union member holding great concern for the state of human and indigenous people's rights, democracy. the state of the environment, the need to prevent and mitigate biodiversity loss, and effectively deal with the existential threat posed by the climate change crisis.  These issues affect women and other disadvantaged groups disproportionately and threaten to reverse the advances that have been achieved socially and politically as evidenced by, for example, changes to abortion laws in both the US and elsewhere. Whilst I am retired, I am active in a number of ways to try to advance better social outcomes and equality for everyone.  I am the Chair of Open Space Contemporary Arts (OSCA) as well as a member of other community boards. I campaigned for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, and I support others in their work to advance a fair and just world.