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Along with WEL NSW founding member, Wendy McCarthy, we are currently working with over 70 organisations to decriminalise abortion in NSW. Late on 21st August 2019, the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill passed a vote in the NSW upper house (Legislative Council) 26 votes to 15. Beginning the week of 17th September, motions to amend the Bill will be debated and voted on (some moved together). It could take a day, or several, to get through this process before the final vote. If amendments pass the Legislative Council, the amended Bill will have to go back to the Legislative Assembly and pass that House again to become law.

Fifteen MPs from across the political divide have co-sponsored the Bill to decriminalise abortion in NSW, in a historic move that has never been done in the state's lower house.

The threat now is that amendments could change the nature of the bill and force even more restrictions on abortion than there are currently. Opponents of the Bill will use the weeks leading up to 17th September to try to influence lawmakers. We are up against institutions and organisations with substantial financial backing. However, support for the Bill is strong among health, legal and community organisations that work with women and pregnant people. 

You can act for abortion reform by making a donation - every dollar counts - so we can do everything in our power to the very end of this campaign. We are so close but we need everyone to help us get this over the line. You can contribute HERE

WEL is leading the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance, with our partners Family Planning NSW, Women’s Health NSW, Human Rights Law Centre and Fair Agenda. The Alliance represents expert legal, health and community voices from across the state. We are campaigning to remove abortion from the NSW Crimes Act (1900) and to ensure that abortion is regulated like any other health procedure.

NSW is the only state or territory in Australia not to have modernised its laws pertaining to termination of pregnancy. Medical practice, societal expectation, and our understanding of human rights and personal freedoms have all changed profoundly over the last 119 years. It’s time our parliament recognise these changes by adopting legislation that will regulate abortion as a health procedure, rather than treating it as a crime. Read more HERE


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For nearly 50 years WEL has brought women from all walks of life together to work for the good of all. Women of all ages, races and backgrounds have lobbied, marched, protested and carried out important research into the barriers that hold women back from a life of dignity, safety and success. 










WEL is proudly reformist and always ambitious. Through passion, determination and strategic thinking, we have won many significant policy changes and law reforms to make life better for women everywhere. We are not for profit, non party political and independent. We are able to continue our work and campaigns for equality thanks to the generosity of people like you, our members and supporters.

Learn more about how WEL has been making women count over the past 45+ years in this short film.