We are a community of change-makers campaigning for a more just and equal future for Australian women.

For over 45 years WEL has brought women from all walks of life together to work for the good of all. Women of all ages, races and backgrounds have lobbied, marched, protested and carried out important research into the barriers that hold women back from a life of dignity, safety and success. 









Think WEL before you vote!


Do you know women decide elections? Women voters outnumber men in most electorates across Australia.

The Women’s Electoral Lobby wants to make sure that your vote counts so you can choose the candidates that you believe will make the best decisions for us all.


Heard about our NSW Election Table Talks?

Voting Guide Ballot Paper

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Read on for some top tips:

The NSW election is this Saturday, March 23rd. It is going to be a very close election result, so here are some tips to help you make sure that your vote counts:

  • At the polling booth, you will receive two ballot papers.
  • Follow the instructions on the ballot papers.
  • To make your vote count on the smaller ballot paper, write the number 1 next to the candidate of your choice. You can go on to number other boxes, starting with the number 2, then 3 etc
  • The smaller ballot paper is for the lower house or Legislative Assembly. The party with the most votes in the lower house will be the government in NSW. 
  • To make your vote count on the larger ballot paper, you can either vote ABOVE or BELOW the line.
  • If you vote ABOVE the line, write the number 1 next to the party of your choice. You can go on to number other boxes, starting with the number 2, then 
  • 3 etc
  • If you want to vote BELOW the line and select specific candidates, you have to number from 1 all the way up to 15.
  • The larger ballot paper is for the upper house or Legislative Council. The upper house is powerful because it reviews the decisions made by the lower house. Also, members in this house have the deciding vote on important laws, such as decriminalising abortion.
  • As this is going to be a close election, you may wish to vote below the line in the upper house.
  • If you make a mistake on either ballot paper, you can ask for another one.
  • Take as much time as you need to think your vote through - you only get to vote in state elections every 4 years!
  • First-time voters may want to watch this video ‘How to Vote - NSW state election March 2019’

WEL is proudly reformist and always ambitious. Through passion, determination and strategic thinking, we have won many significant policy changes and law reforms to make life better for women everywhere. We are not for profit, non party political and independent. We are able to continue our work and campaigns for equality thanks to the generosity of people like you, our members and supporters.

Learn more about how WEL has been making women count over the past 45 years in this short film.