On 23rd October 2023, the Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce (WEET) provided the Australian Government with the final report - Women's Economic Equality: A 10-year plan to unleash the full capacity and contribution of women to the Australian economy.

The report identifies five economic pillars where gendered economic inequality is prevalent: care, work, education and skills, tax and transfers, governments. Included is a snapshot of where we are currently in terms of women's economic security, and 'where we want to go.'

The taskforce has seven primary recommendations to the Government that will drive women’s economic equality and contribute to a strong and globally competitive Australian economy. Each recommendation contains immediate actions for implementation, and medium- to long-term actions over the following years that will cumulatively drive Australia towards a stronger economy and gender equality over the coming decade.

Recommendation 1
The Australian Government must provide leadership and accountability for driving economic equality outcomes and embed gender equity into its decision making, budgeting and policy design, implementation and evaluation mechanisms.

Recommendation 2
The Australian Government must invest in policies and programs that recognise the economic importance and value of care work in Australia and help families to better share caring responsibilities.

Recommendation 3
The Australian Government must utilise its legislative, regulatory and spending powers to ensure all Australian workplaces create safe, secure, flexible and equitable work opportunities that support women’s economic participation.

Recommendation 4
The Australian Government must provide women in Australia with lifelong, accessible, flexible and affordable education and skill building. They must also remove existing disincentives and inequities that perpetuate industry and occupational segregation and sustained pay and wealth gaps.

Recommendation 5
The Australian Government must undertake a long-term, targeted and deliberate investment program to ensure women are leading and building the economy in equal measure to men.

Recommendation 6
The Government must ensure that women have financial security across their lives and are increasingly building lifetime wealth and economic equality.

Recommendation 7
The Australian Government must invest in programs to address community attitudes and bias that prevent women’s full economic participation across a lifetime.

Read the full report - HERE.

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