For over 45 years, WEL has brought women from all walks of life together to work for the good of all. Women of all ages, races and backgrounds have lobbied, marched, protested and carried out important research into the barriers that hold women back from a life of dignity, safety and success. 

Governments, leaders, and public attitudes have changed rapidly, but WEL has always adapted, bringing new talents and fresh ideas to address each new challenge and give women a voice on the issues that really matter. 

WEL is proudly reformist and always ambitious. Through passion, determination and strategic thinking, we have won many significant policy changes and law reforms to make life better for women everywhere. 

WEL is feminist, not for profit, non party political and independent. It has rarely received government funding and exists thanks to the generosity of its members and supporters. 

> Gain our reproductive rights

Women are still denied autonomy over their own bodies in our country and our reproductive choices can even be subject to criminal prosecution. Since we were founded, we’ve been committed to giving women control over their own bodies and easy access to health services.

> End violence against women

We’re committed to ending the systemic violence experienced by women in our society by keeping the issue of domestic and family violence firmly on the national agenda.

> Empower women financially

We believe all women deserve economic equality and financial stability. We campaign hard to win equal pay, affordable housing and a secure financial future for all women.

> Raise women’s voices

We believe in making the political system work for women. Our Think WEL before you vote program ensures women from across society understand how to make their vote count and communicate effectively with their MPs.

Help us continue to shape a more equal future for all women across Australian society - donate today.