After decades of campaigning for equality, the Women's Electoral Lobby is celebrating 45 years of feminism by launching our Making Women Count fund.

One day in February 1972, a handful of politically active feminists attended the first ever meeting of the Women’s Electoral Lobby in Melbourne. 

Since that day, WEL has been helping women achieve fairer pay, more opportunity and protection from sexism, discrimination and violence. We have become a formidable force in Australian politics and public life. 

From those early days until the present, WEL has recognised the exhilarating power of women coming together. We’ve used this passion, solidarity and energy to harness the tools of democratic politics, and together, we’ve forced governments to actions that have changed women’s lives. 

WEL members have campaigned tirelessly in State and Federal Parliaments, winning landmark victories on vital issues like reproductive rights. WEL women have rallied together to hold successive governments to account, critiquing their policies to expose injustice and inequality.

Help us continue to shape a more equal future for all women across Australian society - donate today.

WEL’s Women Count Fund honours our 45 year legacy of raising the voices of women and holding leaders to account. By donating to the fund, you’ll be ensuring WEL’s future is secured for the next 45 years and beyond.

Your support will help women from every possible background come together as a powerful force to eliminate sexism and inequality, control our own bodies and speak out wherever we see injustice. It will help to provide the leadership, training and tools we need to stay on the cutting edge of campaigning in a constantly shifting national and global landscape.

Looking to join the movement for gender equality in Australia? You can become a member here, or volunteer here.