Mothers would rather have affordable childcare than PPL

Chair of The Women's Electoral Lobby, Melanie Fernandez, was featured in an SBS article on paid parental leave. 


“It should be paid at replacement wage not just the minimum wage the government funded scheme is,” said Melanie Fernandez of the Women’s Electoral Lobby.

“We need to have a system that provides for parents taking paid parental leave and also provides for childcare services when you return to work."

Read more at SBS HERE.

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  • Rowan Webb
    Childcare services is a long-term process that every working parent requires for their children. However, paid parental leave is just a matter of a few days that are only required when an unforeseen circumstance arise in the household like an illness for instance. Hence, the one that is of a higher importance is obviously the one that stretches for a prolonged period of time and could take a toll on one’s finances – childcare services.
    Rowan Webb :