Warm lights in a women's refuge

‘ Keep the lights on’, is part of WEL’s campaign to end violence against women and children.

Underfunding of specialist women's domestic violence refuges in NSW means many women and children escaping domestic violence do not receive safe accommodation and specialist support from skilled staff. NSW domestic violence refuges are often full leaving women and children no alternative but to return to, or remain living in violence.  

Research clearly shows that there is a heightened risk to women and children’s safety when they leave or plan to leave a violent relationship.

Domestic and family violence continues to be the primary cause of homelessness in NSW. WEL believes both the Commonwealth and State governments need to step up and prioritise resources for specialist domestic violence refuges during their current negotiations of NSW’s homelessness agreements. 

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We need your help to run this campaign and to keep the pressure on the Commonwealth and State governments to prioritise funding and resources for specialist domestic violence refuges.

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Warm lights in a refuge at night