Meet the National Team


WEL Australia Team

Emma Davidson (ACT) WEL Aust Convenor

Emma Davidson has previously served as Secretary for WEL Australia. She has worked as a project coordinator at Equality Rights Alliance ( and is currently the Deputy CEO at Women’s Centre for Health Matters in Canberra ( She has worked as a volunteer capacity for a diverse range of local community organisations in the ACT advocating for improved policy on women’s health, public schools, women’s housing and homelessness, and community facilities. She has also worked in private software development companies, at the Australian Medical Association, Department of Defence, and Centrelink.


Priscilla Todd (VIC) WEL Aust Secretary


Deborah Poulton - WEL Aust Treasurer

Jozefa Sobski AM (NSW) WEL Aust Executive Committee Member

Jozefa has been active in feminist, women’s and community organisations for many years. She started her activism in Sydney Women’s Liberation in the 1970’s. She is currently Chair of the Board of Jessie Street National Women’s Library and Vice President of the Haberfield Association. She was Convenor of WEL NSW for three years to 2016 and for a period from 2006-2010. She was Convenor of WEL Australia from 2018-2019. She is a member of the TAFE Community Alliance. She was an inaugural member of the NSW Women in Education group and the Australian Women’s Education Coalition. She is a qualified teacher of English and History and has a Masters in Adult Education. She worked in the Ministry of Education as a policy adviser on sexism and in TAFE in policy administration, as a Principal of a College and Director of South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE. She is a member of the National Foundation of Australian Women, Immigrant Women’s Speakout Association and Emily’s List.


Helen L'Orange (NSW) WEL Aust Executive Committee Member

Jennifer Muir (NSW) WEL Aust Executive Committee Member

Jennifer joined the WEL Executive in June 2018. She is a senior advisor and communication strategist with a career spanning twenty years. Kickstarting her career as a documentary and TV news producer, before moving into government as a public affairs and media specialist working in areas of social policy reform and programs. For the past ten years she has been part of the executive team at Primary Communication, leading the public affairs and strategic communication portfolio of clients with a focus on social issues relating to public health, mental health, disability, domestic violence, child protection and women’s rights in Australia. She works closely with clients and sector leaders to advocate for social change across the community and political landscape. In support of this work Jennifer is a member of a number of sector advisory groups on mental health, suicide prevention and communication, journalism and media through the Mindframe program.

She is a Board Director and the Immediate Past-President of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, having held the office of President from 2016-2018. She has a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies, and works to promote and advocate for human rights - peace with justic.

Philippa Hall (NSW) WEL Aust Executive Committee Member

Philippa is the NSW Convenor of WEL. She has been an executive member for several years. Philippa worked in various areas of State and Federal Government, and in New Zealand, on women's employment and human rights issues. Pay equity for women is a long standing commitment and area of work. Philippa has contributed to various non-government organisations working on improvements for women, especially in employment. Philippa holds post-graduate qualifications in Arts, Commerce, and Information Management.


Felicity Lord (SA) WEL Aust Executive Committee Member


Cheryl Arnold (WA) WEL Aust Executive Committee Member