The Intergenerational Report released today shows there is still much work to be done to improve women’s participation rates in the workforce.

Women’s Electoral Lobby Australia Chair Melanie Fernandez said she was concerned the Government was doing too little to prioritise and address the issue.

“It is concerning that in the week celebrating International Women’s Day we see an Intergenerational Report showing women’s participation is projected to grow at a slowing rate from 66% today and only reach 70% by 2054-55’.

‘In a context where we have a national gender pay gap at a record high and still face significant barriers to women’s participation levels, the Government must take action to address these barriers as a priority.”

The Report indicates that spending on assistance to families is projected to fall from 1.8% of GDP to 0.9% by 2054-55 under current legislation.

Ms Fernandez said access to affordable and adequate children’s services was one of the key barriers for women and other carers returning to work.

“Australia’s participation rate of women in the workforce remains lower than Canada and New Zealand. Assistance in this area needs to be addressed”

“It is also troubling, given the Report’s projections about gender inequity in workforce participation, that the Government has announced its intention to water down current Gender Reporting Measures,” said Ms Fernandez

Women’s Electoral Lobby has been working with a broad coalition of industry, union and women’s groups to speak out against these changes, which will roll back the current, effective measures.

Contact: Melanie Fernandez, Chair Women’s Electoral Lobby Australia 0402 334 286

Rachael Lord


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