MAY 14, 2019


(in response to - Kelly O’Dwyer responds to WEL’s election scorecard: ‘It’s not independent & ignores our achievements’).

O’Dwyer misses the point on independent criticism from Women’s Electoral Lobby

WEL’s 2019 Federal Election Scorecard indicates whether parties are listening to Australian women and meeting their needs.

WEL respects Minister O’Dwyer’s view and her hard work as Minister for Women, however we stand by our 2019 Federal Election Scorecard It is measuring future party policies against WEL’s Top Priority issues.

The WEL Scorecard identifies the gaps, and the political party’s policy commitments for women into the future. WEL is aware that the Liberal party election website has been updated this morning with more information about its previously announced commitments to Australian women. The Coalition has demonstrated little evidence of new commitments for women’s priorities in this election.

Since inception (1972) WEL has been feminist, fiercely non-partisan, independent and progressive in its social and economic policies and in its political advocacy.

WEL’s mission is to hold governments and political leaders to account to progress women’s equality across all aspects of Australian life.

WEL does not shy away from this advocacy, and works tirelessly with subject matter experts to analyse government policy to identify the gaps, and the true impact of these programs on women’s lives. If political parties or the Government feel criticised, this helps them to reflect on what more they can do to achieve women’s equality under their leadership.