WEL works year round to inform on policy and lobby government to help end violence against women and girls. This year during 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence (Nov 25th - 10th Dec), we're asking for your support to further this valuable work.

Gender inequality has a strong relationship with a range of types of violence, especially sexual violence and domestic and family violence. We believe that furthering equality for women across society is key to promoting more respectful relationships. 

Show your support for equality and WEL's work to end violence against women and children, with a donation to WEL today.

20% of each donation will go directly to Alice Springs Women's Shelter to help provide women in crisis with basic items like clothing, shoes and toiletries (see more below). 

Make a donation of $100 or more to WEL during our 16 days of activism campaign (ends Dec 10th) and we'll send you a limited edition WEL 'equality' market bag (with PURPLE or WHITE print). You can use yours as a handbag, when shopping, or out and about in your community. Our equality bag is made from sustainably produced jute - it's renewable, durable and biodegradable. 

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*Images are mock ups  - finished product may appear slightly different.

20% of each donation will go directly to Alice Springs Women's Shelter (ASWS) to help provide items women need when escaping violence in the home. Alice Springs Women's Shelter is a 30 bed refuge in the Northern Territory providing support to local women and remote communities such as Yeundumu, Papunya, Ti Tree and Hermannsburg, through their outreach program. Women often arrive with very little in terms of clothing and belongings. Along with accomodation and front-line services, ASWS provides women and children with clothing, shoes, toiletries - items that help women feel at home. You'll be helping women in crisis by providing basic items for those in need. 

*Bags will be shipped from week of Dec 10th, order by December 9th to receive your equality bag before Christmas.