- WEL's 2019 Federal Election Scorecard

- WEL's 2019 Election Priorities

Women outnumber male voters in almost ALL federal electorates which means, women decide elections! WEL wants to make sure that every vote by, and for, a woman counts.

WEL has advocated for women’s rights and equality across all aspects of Australian society since 1972. Each Federal and State election WEL has analysed the political party policy commitments and scored these policies.

We've identified 12 priorities to reduce the disadvantages women experience in Australia today. WEL’s priorities do not cover every issue, nor every aspect of the issues. They do include significant and worthwhile steps forward. They take account of the diverse experiences and needs of various groups of women.

Based on thorough analysis of the major party’s recognition and commitment to Australian women, WEL’s Election Scorecards are key to informing Australia’s understanding of the realities of inequality for women. Never has there been a more important voting moment for Australians to appreciate how our major political parties recognise 50% of the voting population’s needs.

* WEL scorecard is up to date to the best of our knowledge using publicly available policy information. WEL's Scorecard may be updated as we receive new information or as policy announcements are made in the final week.

Read WEL's full Federal Election Priorities policy document

Here is a printable version of WEL's 2019 Federal Election Scorecard

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