Participation in Political Life

We are committed to raising the voices of Australian women and fostering women's participation in political life.

Democracy in Action

Women decide elections! Women outnumber male voters in almost all federal electorates. Therefore WEL wants to make sure that every vote by a woman counts. This year we have been delivering free voter education sessions for new voters, migrant and refugee women, and women who want to know more about how to more about how our Members of Parliament make the decisions that impact on our us and the people we care about. 

Visit our EVENTS page to find out about upcoming Table Talk sessions in the lead up to the Saturday May 18th, 2019 federal election.  

Thank you to our local partner organisations that host the women's voter sessions and spread the word to women voters in their community. And thank you to WEL members who have responded to our crowd funding requests to cover the cost of the 'Think WEL before you vote' voter education program. Our aim is to reach as many women voters as possible, to make a welcoming space where women can can come along for free and discuss how elections work.

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Helen attended one of our voter education sessions in March 2019 and was inspired to write to us, sharing her experience. Read Helen's article HERE.

If you'd like to hear more or request a voter education forum or webinar in your area, please contact us on