A donation of $10 or $15 helps us continue our work to change women's lives for the better.  With your help we can make a difference.  

The Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL) is a national, independent, non-party political, feminist lobby group that for nearly 45 years has worked tirelessly to improve the position of women in society.

We believe that women and their children should have a safe place to go to escape domestic and family violence. We believe that every woman deserves a new beginning, a chance to live a life of dignity. That's why we're putting pressure on the Federal Government to commit to funding women's refuges through the Women and Children's Safety Program. Women are turned away from refuges every day as there simply aren't enough beds to accommodate the number of women and their children fleeing violence.

We need financial support to continue holding governments to account when it comes to policy reform and program funding impacting on women.  WEL works by gathering research, meeting with industry leaders, lobbying politicians, collaborating with other women’s organisations, holding policy roundtables and conducting political education programs for women in the community.

Our current priority work includes:

  • Our '2 cents a day' campaign to secure long-term adequate funding for women's refuges through Women and Children's Safety Program
  • Financial security for women
  • Women's reproductive rights

We're doing all we can to ensure equality and safety for Australian women. 

Will you stand up for women's rights by donating today?