Women’s refuges save lives - spread the word!

Women’s refuges save lives. We request that the Prime Minister act swiftly to agree to a long-term secure separate national funding program for women’s refuges to ensure women and children escaping family and domestic violence have a safe haven and access to specialist services to enable them to rebuild their lives.


For further information supporting our Women's Refuges and Housing Program campaign please view:

Are you experiencing domestic and family violence or sexual assault, or seeking to support someone who is?


The national domestic and family violence and sexual assault counselling helpline, information and support service. 1800RESPECT is available 24/7. You can call 1800 737 732 or use the online counselling service to contact a counsellor. For more information go to 1800RESPECT.org.au

If you are in immediate danger call 000.

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Carmel Standen
Maddy Waldby
Julie Agius
Sue McKinnon
Lissa Evans
Anna-Marie Miccoli
Louise Egan
Leanne davieS
Sylvia Planing
Katy Plummer
Julia Vaughan
Sarah Jacobs
Kate Davies
Carmen Nelson
Annie Ross
Elizabeth Johnson
Loren Gibson
Glenys Page
Maureen Cook
Barb Crossing
Greg Burley
Monica Joyce
Michelle Abbott
Jocelyn Davies
Jill Langton
Bob Durnan
Melissa Crawford
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  • Carmel Standen
    signed 2015-10-15 08:17:09 +1100
  • Maddy Waldby
    signed 2015-10-15 07:38:46 +1100
  • Julie Agius
    signed 2015-10-15 07:32:23 +1100
  • Sue McKinnon
    signed 2015-10-15 07:29:31 +1100
  • Lissa Evans
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-15 07:25:01 +1100
    Sign the petition: Women's Refuges and Housing Program
  • Lissa Evans
    signed 2015-10-15 07:24:34 +1100
    Women are the primary carers of children and if safe places are not available those children are subjected to years of pain and torture and are likely to become perpetrators or drug addicts. Stop this curse by providing adequate funding for timely response and support places for all those in need.
  • Anna-Marie Miccoli
    signed 2015-10-15 07:12:08 +1100
  • Louise Egan
    signed 2015-10-15 07:09:21 +1100
  • Leanne davieS
    signed via 2015-10-15 07:08:30 +1100
  • Sylvia Planing
    signed 2015-10-15 06:59:35 +1100
  • Katy Plummer
    signed 2015-10-15 06:38:02 +1100
  • Julia Vaughan
    signed 2015-10-15 06:30:38 +1100
  • Sarah Jacobs
    signed 2015-10-15 06:20:03 +1100
  • Kate Davies
    signed via 2015-10-15 04:12:58 +1100
  • Carmen Nelson
    signed 2015-10-15 02:15:28 +1100
    A women’s domestic violence shelter/refuge saved my life and can save many more lives.
  • Annie Ross
    signed 2015-10-15 02:06:34 +1100
  • Elizabeth Johnson
    signed 2015-10-15 01:40:07 +1100
  • Loren Gibson
    signed 2015-10-15 00:36:33 +1100
  • Glenys Page
    signed 2015-10-15 00:13:50 +1100
  • Maureen Cook
    signed via 2015-10-15 00:04:20 +1100
  • Barb Crossing
    signed 2015-10-15 00:03:46 +1100
    Women and children need refuges. They need safe alternatives to living with violent men.
  • Greg Burley
    signed via 2015-10-14 23:51:46 +1100
  • Monica Joyce
    signed 2015-10-14 23:51:23 +1100
  • Michelle Abbott
    signed 2015-10-14 23:50:52 +1100
    As a society we need to support women and children who experience family violence. They have the right to be supported and be safe. The only way to do this is have dedicated integrated services that offer women choices. Without permanent funding and adequate support women do not have a choice. They are forced to either stay in relationships or leave with a huge risk of harm, homelessness and poverty. Without adequate refuges and housing options women and children will continue to die avoidable deaths.
  • Jocelyn Davies
    signed 2015-10-14 23:47:54 +1100
  • Jill Langton
    signed 2015-10-14 23:47:01 +1100
    The changes your govt. made to who runs refuges is not working. Give them back to the women and fund them properly.
  • Bob Durnan
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-14 23:46:30 +1100
    Sign the petition: Women's Refuges and Housing Program
  • Bob Durnan
    signed 2015-10-14 23:45:41 +1100
    The decision to cease funding to specialist women’s refuges is reactionary, stupid and unconscionable. Funding to autonomous women’s refuges must be reinstated immediately, and new funding must be provided for women’s housing to provide safe residences for those leaving the refuges.
  • Melissa Crawford
    signed 2015-10-14 23:43:01 +1100
  • Luke weyland
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-14 23:38:06 +1100
    Sign the petition: Women's Refuges and Housing Program