WEL's 2016 Federal Election Program for Action

At the 2016 federal election, WEL recommended a wide range of measures to reduce the disadvantages women experience in Australia today.

There is a widening “fairness gap” between women’s rights to equal opportunities and equal treatment (as set out in Australian legislation and international conventions Australia has signed) and women’s daily and lifetime experiences. Australia is a wealthy country, heading in the wrong direction towards increasing inequality and failing to meet the needs of its worst off people for a decent standard of living.

WEL’s Program of Action covered ten key areas and makes 48 recommendations. It includes significant and worthwhile steps forward, achievable by a federal government committed to creating a society where women’s participation and their ability to fulfil their potential are unrestricted, and where women and men share equally in society’s responsibilities and rewards.

To download WEL's Program of Action click HERE.


Women’s votes count in the election

Federal elections are decided in marginal seats. In 2016, in 20 of the 21 most marginal seats, there were more women voters than men, according to the Australian Electoral Commission’s Elector Counts. 

To find out what changed about Senate voting in the 2016 election, visit this page that WEL created for women to help them make their vote count - Making your vote count.


Women and children's safety program campaign

During the 2016 election campaign WEL wrote letters to the party leaders - Di Natale, Shorten, Turnbull and Xenophon asking them where they stood on funding for frontline services supporting women and children dealing with domestic violence. WEL calculates that it would cost the federal government 2 cents per Australian, per day, to give funding certainty to women's refuges and other emergency services.

Show your support by taking the #my2centsworth pledge asking the government to spend your 2 cents to keep women and their children safe.