This is the place to come for information to help you think about your vote before you walk into the polling booth at the Federal Election, Saturday 18 May 2019.

WEL has two main focuses during elections - informing women voters and lobbying the candidates standing for elections on the important issues for women.

Our first step, as always, was to ask WEL members to tell us what matters most. WEL’s 2019 federal election survey “Hearing women's voices, improving women's lives” gathered over 600 responses and is soon to be published.  We have take your responses to candidates standing for election, so they know the critical issues facing Australian women, and have used them to design our renowned voter table talks.

Our 'Think WEL Before You Vote' table talks are up and running!

Check out our events page to see which Table Talks are running near you.

In marginal federal electorates. Each table talk will be a space for women to come together to discuss ‘what the Government can do to take pressure off the people you care about’. We will share tips on build relationships with local MPs, given they are your voice in parliament. We will cover recent changes to Senate voting forms and talk about why voting below the line matters, if you want more women in parliament. The table talks are free, go for 2.5 hours and refreshments will be available.

Will you help us fund Table Talks Community Education Forums for women in marginal seats in NSW?

To get started with some information, here is a link to an informative, non party political website, They vote for you.

You are invited to join WEL’s Election Action Group which meets fortnightly at our Newtown office. We need all sorts of expertise to make our campaign tick - digital skills, phone skills, letter writing, researching and more. You don’t have to live in Sydney or NSW to be involved. We are keen to hear from WEL members all over Australia as the federal election draws near.

Sign up HERE for WEL Election 2019 news and invitations to campaign events.

Please join us and campaign for the issues that matter most

 to women across Australia.