Dear members, supporters, donors and friends, 

We're writing to say thank you very much. 

In the weeks leading up to the Federal Election, our community helped us spread the word that feminism is alive and WEL! We want to send a big heartfelt thank you - we simply couldn't run our campaigns without your support! 

With your support we were able to make the major parties and candidates accountable for funding women’s refuges and front-line domestic violence services as a priority. The WEL community wrote letters and emails, tweeted and shared online with politicians and candidates to draw attention to our #My2CentsWorth campaign - it would cost the government just 2cents per day, per Australian to fund WEL's Women’s and Children’s Safety Program (WCSP). 

Our volunteer Federal Election Action Group, under the guidance of Kaitlyn Birkett (WEL Volunteer Coordinator) met weekly in the lead up to the election to plan campaign actions, work on research, map marginal electorates, design flyers and join together in feminist discussion. 

On election day WEL volunteers, Sahra and Lisa headed out to a polling place in Parramatta to hand out election scorecards and chat to people about how to make their vote count for women. 

"I was really happy we were there as we were able to speak to a lot of women about how they could make their vote count. Men also took the flyers. Some women who were interested wanted to hear more about WEL."

"I joined the action group to gain a greater understanding of how lobbying works and also to campaign directly to voters. I ended up achieving both these goals, so that was exciting."

Thank you to Kaitlyn, and all our volunteers, for your enthusiasm, your time, and for helping us to keep feminism alive and WEL!

There's still much to do. WEL will keep demanding reforms that ensure financial security for women.  We'll be continuing our advocacy and lobbying the Government to commit to funding the Women and Children's Safety Program. We’ll be holding parties and candidates to their promises and continuing to examine how their policies really support women. We'll be in touch again soon about how you can continue to help with our campaigns. 

We’re committed to doing all we can to make our Australian society a place where women are respected and their abilities are prized. 

Your support makes it all possible! Thank you for taking this journey with us, and once again, thank you for your support!


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Amanda Keeling


Advocate, communicator, passionate re social justice, rights, civil liberties.