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Goal of gender equality is to bring women and men together - opinion article by Sandy Killick, WEL Executive Committee member

Great resource on superannuation

Why I ended my pregnancy at 21 weeks - In response to the new bill to decriminalise abortion in NSW, Ali* shares her story.

In the true spirit of equality - The framework of our society is not yet structured to accomodate women in the true spirit of equality. WEL is working to change this.

Gender responsive strategies for assisting women experiencing long-term and recurrent homelessnessResearch paper by WEL NSW Executive member, Dr Jane Bullen for the Mercy Foundation

Making the personal political: Marian Sawer AO, emeritus professor in the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University, reviews Michelle Arrow's, The Seventies: The personal, the political and the making of modern Australia.

Voter Education with WEL: Helen shares her experience of attending a Table Talk session for women who want to learn how to make their votes count at election time.

More than FireApplications for the 2019 Fire and Rescue NSW recruitment campaign are now open and we're hoping to see an increase in the number of women among the ranks!

Feminism awareness missing an opportunity in schools: WEL's work experience student Heidi writes about the negative connotations around feminism in schools and how that leads to gender inequality. 

Changing the Culture of Sexual Entitlement, and women not going out for their own safety, opinion on the rape, murder and passing of Eurydice Dixon, by J Salmon.

Government Funding Commitment for Specialist Women’s Refuges Needed Now as Homelessness in NSW Rises:  Jemma Clarke examines why more funding is vital for NSW women leaving violence in the home.

Furthering Education - When mothers go back to school: Cayt shares her experience of returning to study as a mum.

Inspiring Woman: WEL talks business, leadership and inspiration with Councillor Sue Heins, also Managing Director of Inspiring Women.

A voice for First Nations: A proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Fiona Jose reflects on this year's developments on a proposal for First Nations Voice to parliament. 

A year since that terrible day: 12 months on from her talk on the 2016 US Federal Election at the WEL NSW Annual General Meeting last year, Meredith Burgmann reflects on President Trump's first year.

What does feminism mean to you? WEL member Cinzia was interviewed by Luci, a Year 5 student who was tasked with a passion project for school and she chose the topic of feminism.

Tote bags and tightropes: navigating feminism in education: Cayt Mirra, a secondary English teacher and freelance writer, writes about her experience as a feminist in the classroom.