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Women’s refuges save lives. We request that the Prime Minister act swiftly to agree to a long-term secure separate national funding program for women’s refuges to ensure women and children escaping family and domestic violence have a safe haven and access to specialist services to enable them to rebuild their lives.


For further information supporting our Women's Refuges and Housing Program campaign please view:

Are you experiencing domestic and family violence or sexual assault, or seeking to support someone who is?


The national domestic and family violence and sexual assault counselling helpline, information and support service. 1800RESPECT is available 24/7. You can call 1800 737 732 or use the online counselling service to contact a counsellor. For more information go to 1800RESPECT.org.au

If you are in immediate danger call 000.

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Jeanne-Marie Bini
J Dalziel
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Linda Colman
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Janie Wanless
Bernadette Supan
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Kate Senior
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Heather Selke
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Andrea Phelan
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  • Jeanne-Marie Bini
    signed 2015-10-21 02:05:10 +1100
  • J Dalziel
    signed 2015-10-20 23:57:00 +1100
  • Lynda Pryce
    signed 2015-10-20 22:37:11 +1100
  • Cherie Livotto
    signed 2015-10-20 22:15:06 +1100
  • Linda Colman
    signed 2015-10-20 22:04:02 +1100
  • Jeffrey Campbell
    signed 2015-10-20 20:34:26 +1100
  • Janie Wanless
    signed 2015-10-20 20:07:12 +1100
  • Bernadette Supan
    signed 2015-10-20 19:37:59 +1100
  • Summer Dayz
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-20 19:28:42 +1100
    Sign the petition: Women's Refuges and Housing Program
  • carol day
    signed 2015-10-20 19:27:39 +1100
  • Nicole Murphy
    signed 2015-10-20 18:09:10 +1100
  • Iona Brennan
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-20 17:48:55 +1100
    Sign the petition: Women's Refuges and Housing Program
  • Iona Brennan
    signed 2015-10-20 17:48:28 +1100
  • Kate Senior
    signed 2015-10-20 16:35:27 +1100
  • Cherry Pehar
    signed 2015-10-20 16:10:10 +1100
  • Linda Simon
    signed 2015-10-20 15:09:55 +1100
  • Patsy O'Dowd
    signed 2015-10-20 13:58:30 +1100
  • Linda willing
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-20 13:01:30 +1100
    Sign the petition: Women's Refuges and Housing Program
  • Heather Selke
    signed 2015-10-20 12:21:18 +1100
  • Dorothy Hoddinott
    signed 2015-10-20 11:55:58 +1100
  • Sandy Amber
    signed 2015-10-20 11:08:57 +1100
  • Alana Walsh
    signed 2015-10-20 10:37:19 +1100
  • Belle McKay
    signed via 2015-10-20 09:36:39 +1100
  • Erin Frame
    signed 2015-10-20 09:19:50 +1100
  • Wendy Wright
    signed 2015-10-20 08:43:09 +1100
    Iam a survivor of domestic violence, with out the ongoing support and a safe roof from various womens refuges around Australia,

    I would not be here to sign this petittion. Their support is invaluable. It took me quite a few years to leave but each time I tried, the women refuge was my safest and best option. My children, through the dedication and support of refuge workers are all adults, and some are married and parents now, with that support and education while we were staying in womens refuges, would aalso be in a completely different place right now. We could have all been dead but we are all here contributing to our communities in various ways. We learnt the difference between love and control and manipulation , and how to seperate ourselves from situations we don’t feel comfortable in . We are all stronger more confident people who do not tolerate violence in any forms, and none of us ever have a need to raise our hands or fists to the people we love . I can not stress how important it is for funding to increase for womens refuges. Domestic violence is an ongoing issue for women and children. Our Government has a Duty of Care to protect it most vulneranle peoples, not ’ not throw them to the wolves’. Womens refuges MUST STAY FUNDED AND OPEN TO WOMEN AND CHILDREN, NO EXCUSES !!!
  • Jennifer Dunkley
    signed 2015-10-20 08:42:49 +1100
    I have worked in safe houses to escape violence since 2006; first in a refuge for young women, currently in a refuge for women and children. Here, in the ACT, we NO LONGER have ANY safe house for young women to escape to that is based, as above, around ‘homicide prevention’, not homelessness or generalist youth services. My current service has been suffering, suffering for 3 years now with not enough staff to meet the needs of our clients – let alone do any real staff planning, self-care or look after ourselves as a team to do the work . Please – we are doing work that, when done right and resourced properly, adds to the productivity of our city and country by supporting the healing of damaged families.
  • Andrea Phelan
    signed 2015-10-20 08:37:59 +1100
  • Tracey Edhouse
    signed 2015-10-20 08:35:48 +1100
  • Amanda Hiley
    signed 2015-10-20 08:02:06 +1100
  • Christine Mason
    signed via 2015-10-20 07:48:24 +1100